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Introing My 2 Groups of Girls (Petshops and Babies)

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We've begun introing the 2 groups - minus Chubbo and Brain who are in the hopsital cage - so far we have one bite but it was accidental. A wad of fur got torn out and Ted is bleeding a bit - this happened when Ruby went to groom Ted and ted moved mid power groom.

They're all in the Jenny now and the cuffling has subsided since they all got Yoggies. Just waiting for it to settle down and hopefully the bog brushing will subside before bed, meaning we can leave them together overnight. bom

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Well a load of them came into season with the company of other rats - so last night was very noisey and they chased each other, humped each other and generally kept us awake. No bites over night, just a bit of power grooming so have a couple of ratties bald patches this morning. Laughing

Now they're in assorted piles snoozing, aside from Bo Diddly who seem s to be sulking on her own. If they continue to behave they can have another hammock later.

The new cage should be here today but the group will remain in the intro cage bonding until chubbo is well enough to join them. Then as a group they'll move houses!

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minus the humping it sounds like things are going well lol! im glad they are all getting along cheers

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We actually had to stop intros cause bo diddly and bo derek were still foofing 24 hours later. This has all settled down and we have a tentative group. Diddly still is picking fights, but she loses. She screams the cage down whenever she is pinned. But we have ratty piles happening. I haven't put them any furniture in as i want them to fully bond before the move (that and my Alpha has had surgery and i can't risk her falling). So i have 13 girls in one jenny cage. And it's really not that crowded to be honest! Laughing

Chubbo is in with them 6am - bedtime but she is sleeping in the carrier tank as i worry about fights breaking out over night. There's been no more biting. The biting that occured was minimum so i persisted. And it was all Diddly's own fault anyway for being a bummer and picking fights when she's such a wuss. Razz

So yeah. 2 groups of girls have now become 1. They will move into the aviary the day we move into our own new home (Friday). I can't wait fort hem to actually rattle around a cage....they're going to wonder what's up going from a cage holding 5 for intros and jumping to a 17 berth cage! Twisted Evil

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Rat Overloard
AWWW love ratty piles nothing cuter hope it goes well and everyone keeps happy with each other.

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