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new litter boxes and some scrubbing

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1 new litter boxes and some scrubbing on Sun Jul 31, 2011 3:20 am


Rat Overloard
Rat Overloard
Well today I scrubbed out the entire rat room, I am talking all rats in back up cages I cleaned, scrubbed and steam cleaned all the cages in order to stop any more sickness, all the toys all the bedding the lot was steam cleaned, the rats returned home to a new lay out and cleaned toys surffice to say they sniffed round a few times before settling, the rat room had all the walls sprayed and cleaned and the floor, the air purfier was full of piggy hair and dust from their bedding, so the guinea pigs moved into our porch, their hay did seem to make the rats sneeze, anyway my gran was annoyed she said I kept the rats cleaner than the humans I resisted the urge to say but I loved the rats more.
looked up litter trays most were ten pound £2 paint trays do the job to so put those in.

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